2014 Run Stats
*Chief Landis promoted 10/2014
**4th Medic unit in service
Engine 13,323
Engine 32,028
Engine 51,350
Engine 71,600
Engine 91,555
Ladder 1
Ladder 31,001
Tower 11,526
Rescue 11,199
EMS Missed
Car 6-Lessar1,819
Car 7-Born1,805
Car 8-Hart1,941
*Car 9-Landis337
Total FD Runs9,116
Reserve Appartatus
Engine 2
Plum & Franklin
Engine 4
Engine 6
8th & Court
Engine 8
3rd & Court
Engine 12
Ladder 2
Rescue 2
Plum & Franklin
  If something is moved long-term
let us know to update the chart
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Announcements & Information

We thank all who have donated towards equipment for a new live fire feed for the site. 
We will be live soon thanks to a partnership with Reading Fire Equipment.
Stay tuned for updates!
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Recent Calls

Tue. Feb 24th 2015

12:10 hrs / 1139 North 11th Street / Box # 09-02 / C PlatoonThe first alarm was transmitted for a report of a chimney fire at the address noted with flames in the residence.  Engine 9 arrived on scene with smoke showing and confirmed a working fire.  Crews encountered heavy fire in th...

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Fri. Feb 20th 2015

1116 hours / Kutztown Road & Heisters Lane / D platoonCompanies dispatched for a vehicle fire with burn victim. Police units on scene with a fully involved van, with the occupant being pulled from the van by a civilian. 1 line stretched and operating after fire department arrival. Car 9(Landis) ...

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Wed. Feb 18th 2015

1613 hours / 900 block of Scott St / B platoonEngine 5 and Ladder 1 handled an engine compartment fire this afternoon. 

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Thu. Feb 12th 2015

1429 hours / 401 South 5th Street / Box # 05-02 / D platoonCompanies dispatched for fire in dwelling. Engine 5 o/s with a 3 story EOR with smoke showing from the 3rd floor. 1 line stretched into the 3rd floor. All occupants reported to be accounted for, searches negative. The fire was reported knock...

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Fri. Feb 6th 2015

2326 hours / 509 Fern Avenue / Box 04-02 / D platoonCompanies dispatched to Grace Street & Fern Avenue for smoke in the area. Engine 5 o/s at the rear of 509 Fern with a working garage fire. 1 line stretched, with the fire being placed under control in 12 minutes. No injuries were reported. ...

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News Headlines
Mon. Feb 23rd 2015
Fire Prevention Lieutenant Sworn-In

Newly promoted Fire Prevention Lieutenant Trent Zulick took the oath of office during city council meeting this evening. Lieu...

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Fri. Feb 20th 2015
Personnel Assignments

Congratulations on the following assignments per directive 2015-03Steve Turner - Tower 1 platform operator, A platoon beginni...

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Wed. Feb 18th 2015
Statistics from 2014

Reading Fire Department statistics from the year 2014. The department experienced an increase of more than 17% percent in tot...

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