2014 Run Stats
*Chief Landis promoted 10/2014
**4th Medic unit in service
Engine 13,323
Engine 3 
Engine 51,350
Engine 71,600
Engine 91,555
Ladder 1
Ladder 3986
Tower 1 
Rescue 1 
EMS Missed
Car 6-Lessar 
Car 7-Born 
Car 8-Hart 
*Car 9-Landis 
Total FD Runs 
Reserve Appartatus
Engine 2
Plum & Franklin
Engine 4
Engine 6
8th & Court
Engine 8
3rd & Court
Engine 12
Ladder 2
Rescue 2
Plum & Franklin
  If something is moved long-term
let us know to update the chart
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Recent Calls

Fri. Jan 30th 2015

1205 hours / 325 West Windsor Street / Box 07-04 / A platoonEngine 7 on scene with a 3 story MOR with smoke showing from the 2nd floor. 1 hose line placed in service for a bedroom fire on the second floor. Crews removed a dog and attempted resuscitation without success. The fire was placed under con...

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Sun. Jan 18th 2015

1955 hours / 10 North 4th Street / Box 03-02 / C platoonCompanies dispatched for fire in a laundromat near 4th & Penn Streets. Chief Serba(C3) arrived with smoke showing from the first floor of a 3 story building. The fire was quickly located in a dryer and duct work. Operations were placed unde...

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Wed. Jan 14th 2015

We offer our condolences to the family and friends of the occupant at 714 Chestnut Street2119 hours / 714 + 710, 712, 716 Chestnut St / Box 01-03 / D platoonCompanies dispatched to 714 Chestnut Street for fire on the 2nd floor. Engine 1 o/s with a 2½ story MOR with fire showing...

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Fri. Jan 9th 2015

1428 hours / 1817 Hessian Road / Box 06-01 / B platoonCompanies dispatched to 1900 block of Holly Road for a report of large amount of smoke coming from a newly constructed home. Units on scene at 1817 Hessian Road with a fire at the top of a converted chimney. The fire was quickly handled by c...

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Thu. Jan 1st 2015

0621 hours / 107 Buttonwood Street / Box 03-03 / A platoonEngine 3 o/s with a 2½ story MOR fire showing 1st floor. 1 line stretched and operating. Chief Kemery(C5) reporting occupant stuck on rear porch roof, crews working to get to rear yard. Fire place undercontrol at 0636 hours. All s...

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News Headlines
Wed. Jan 28th 2015
30th anniversary of fire which claimed firefighter's life

 Early in the morning of January 28th of 1985, the history of the Reading Fire Department was tragically altered when&nb...

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Tue. Jan 27th 2015
Paramedic promoted to Fire Marshal's Office

Congratulations to C platoon Paramedic Trent Zulick on his promotion to Lieutenant in the Fire Marshal's Office as p...

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Sun. Jan 25th 2015
Firefighters host charity birthday parties for MDA

The Reading Firefighters held two charity birthday parties at the Southwest Fire Station this month. The parties were auction...

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