2014 Run Stats
*Chief Landis promoted 10/2014
**4th Medic unit in service
Engine 13,323
Engine 3 
Engine 51,350
Engine 71,600
Engine 91,555
Ladder 1
Ladder 3986
Tower 1 
Rescue 1 
EMS Missed
Car 6-Lessar 
Car 7-Born 
Car 8-Hart 
*Car 9-Landis 
Total FD Runs 
Reserve Appartatus
Engine 2
Plum & Franklin
Engine 4
Engine 6
8th & Court
Engine 8
3rd & Court
Engine 12
Ladder 2
Rescue 2
Plum & Franklin
  If something is moved long-term
let us know to update the chart
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ACT 47
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Bloomberg Article on 11.2010

Why Don't Cities Recover From ACT 47

Firefighters, The New Political Scapegoat

In November of 2009 the City of Reading was accepted into the Distressed Cities Program (ACT 47). The program was designed to assist financially distressed communities access to financial planning & assistance. The city was assigned a financial coordinator in December, and a plan was released in May. As of Fall of 2010 the city is busy attempting to implement the parts of the plan to meet the 2011 budget process.

Below is a listing of ACT 47 related news stories from WFMZ 69 news. We feel they have the mosty accurate, unbisased news following the situation. The stories only stay active for a period of 1 year.

The Fire Department issues at hand:

Salary & Benefits
Staffing & Apparatus Deployment
Shift Schedule
Investigations & Fire Codes 


5/28/10 ACT 47 PLAN


What is ACT 47??

More ACT 47 Information

(Picked by the state to write the recovery plan)

WFMZ 69 News Stories


We will be following the City's of Pittsburgh & Scranton to see what may lie in-store for Reading & and it's public safety

Another citizen supported group has also begun a plan to attempt to guide Reading through their recovery plan. You can read more about them here

News Headlines
Tue. Jan 13th 2015
Mayoral candidate says firefighters do little

Mayoral candidate John V. Wiggins commented in today's edition of the Reading Eagle Newspaper that firefighters do l...

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Mon. Jan 12th 2015
Firefighters honored for saving woman's life during fire

Several Reading Firefighters on the D platoon were honored with successfully rescuing a woman from a burning home at 718 ...

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Thu. Jan 8th 2015
Cause determined in fatal fire

Information from obtained from the Reading EagleThe Fire Marshal's Office has released the cause of the fire that claimed...

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