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Sun. Apr 26th 2015
Firefighter completes half-marathon in honor of FDNY fallen

Firefighter Jeff LeCompte once again successfully completed the St. Luke Half Marathon held in Allentown. Once again Jeff joi...

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Thu. Apr 23rd 2015
Passing of Paramedic Brenda Bauer

It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Reading Fire Department Paramedic Brenda Bauer. Brenda was diagnosed w...

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Tue. Apr 21st 2015
City to disband transport service

The city has begun preparations to shut down its non-emergency transport service on June 30th. The city initially had made pl...

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Recent Calls
Sat. May 2nd 2015
2148 hours / 732 Locust Street / Box 09-03 / C platoonCompanies o/s with a 2½ story MOR with smoke showing from the first floor. Firefighters from Engine 9 stretched into the dwelling along with the exposure at 730 Locust. With fire continuing to spread, Chief Serba(C3) requested a 2nd a...
Wed. Apr 29th 2015
2135 hours / 1009 Franklin Street / Box 01-03 / A platoonCompanies o/s with light smoke showing from the second floor of a 3 story multiple dwelling. Firefighters were unable to find anything after checking a vacant 2nd floor apartment. Crews eventually found a fire burning between siding and a load...
Wed. Apr 22nd 2015
information from Lieutenant James Stoudt Jr. 2013 hours / 1012 Meade Street / Box 04-01 / A platoonMedic 1 on scene with working fire at 2½ story twin. 1 line stretched into the kitchen with heat and smoke damage throughout. All searches clear. The fire was placed under control 2028...
Tue. Apr 21st 2015
1055 hrs / S. 16th & Muhlenberg Sts / Box 06-02 / C PlatoonAs Training Group 1 was assembled in Hazardous Materials Operations Refresher class at the Fire Training Site, the rescue assignment was dispatched to 416 S. 16th St. for a report of a motor vehicle accident.  Additional calls were ...
Mon. Apr 20th 2015
1506 hours / 800 block Nicholls Street / Box 09-02 / A platoonCrews were dispatched to the former Gormleys Fire Equipment building on Nicholls street for a struck gas line. Companies on scene with free flowing gas from a large feed pipe. Chief Kemery(C5) requested the box to be filled out. Crews eva...
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